NYC Out Of Home Campaign


When it comes to Out Of Home (OHH) campaigns, it doesn’t get any bigger than the Big Apple: We hit the ground running in 2019  designing the massive Gemini  cryptocurrency campaign in New York City.

Just how massive, you ask? Our illustrators and designers built enough creatives to cover Wall St. – and we did!

An over-sized building wrap in the heart of Wall Street, half car subway trains, taxi tops, phone kiosks, and last but not least, a full page ad in The New York Times.

In collaboration with the creative agency Interesting Development, we teamed up  as the production and design agency for this high-profile, hugely ambitious campaign for Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.

Since the theme involves the future of currency, our challenge was to develop and design large format American and French revolutionary-era imagery in the style of money, otherwise known as “etching.”

Replicating this technique proved to be the most challenging – and ultimately rewarding – aspect of this epic campaign. No detail was spared when it came to nailing this for our clients – despite the tight timeline, the complexity of the designs, and the massive scope. We are proud to see our hard work plastered across the greatest city in the world, and are excited to jump into our next OOH campaign…