L’Oreal Paris

2017 Halloween Campaign

L'Oreal Paris

Creating L’Oreal’s 2017 Halloween campaign was a real treat.

We utilized their top-tier beauty influencers from the “L’Oreal League” for a variety of playful Halloween looks that would then be promoted in major stores for the 2017 season. Each look has a corresponding makeup kit that contains everything one would need to achieve it – including the brand new “Infallible Galaxy Sticks” that create a radiant glow with holographic effects. Liza Lash, Stephanie Lee and JadeyWadey180 became the faces of the campaign – and with over 1.7 million Instagram followers between them, they know a thing or two about beauty. We filmed a series of tutorials in which these boss girls transform themselves with L’Oreal to become everything from a unicorn and mermaid, to a work of pop art. Our photography of their lovely visages graced point of purchase displays in Walmart, Walgreens, a custom Amazon shop and other stores across the nation, and we are incredibly proud of how they turned out.

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