#WatchPorn Campaign

We love it when our clients dare to “go there” and was no exception. They took our muzzle off and let us run free with a hilariously risque campaign that pushed the double-entendre envelope as far as it could go. Watch aficionados have already made the hashtag #WatchPorn a trending topic, so we decided to use that to our advantage and enjoy some juicy innuendo. As a metric, we created a set of control ads to A/B test against #WatchPorn. Additionally, we launched a micro-influencer initiative where we utilized 50 trendsetting Instagram personalities to sport their watches and raise awareness with the hashtag. As a result, we increased’s monthly sales by 3.5% and sold over 7,000 watches in just six weeks. Our saucy campaign also generated 31 million impressions, as well as 222,000 site views. Even naughtier, we increased the brand’s conversion rate by nearly 2% across all digital marketing channels, and oh my God – generated a revenue ten times the initial investment. Does anyone else need a cold shower?