Our Top 10 Emerging Brands of 2019 (Part 2)

Our Top 10 Emerging Brands of 2019 (Part 2)

Where does the time go? It seems just like yesterday we were compiling this list for the first half of the year, and now the holidays are upon us! As we close out the year, we’d like to take a moment to throw a spotlight on 10 more emerging brands that we think have exciting futures. So what makes an emerging brand excite us? For this second installment, we’re adhering to the same criteria we did over the summer:

· Be emerging (duh)
· Be innovative
· Have a quality product or service
· Have a compelling story to tell
· Show promising sales growth
· Budding social proof

Without further ado, and in alphabetical order… 

Atlas Edibles

We’re really glad to see a cannabis brand that creates edibles for adults who don’t always want to consume fruit-flavored gummies. The good folks over at Berkeley-based Atlas Edibles make delicious, granola bits infused with all kinds of yummy, wholesome stuff. For example: zesty lemon caramel with a hint of ginger, toasted almonds, sweet wild blueberries and poppy seeds, mm-mmm! Throw those in our mouths now please. These are the kind of comfort-food edibles you take when you go camping with friends or on a hike with that special someone. We’ll save the glow-in-the-dark gummy worms for our next music festival rager.


Believe it or not, avocados can be used for more than toast and guacamole. This emerging brand has taught us that avocados might save the world. Think that’s a joke? This Mexico-based emerging brand is making sustainable, biodegradable plastic out of agro-industrial waste such as avocado pits. They use the pits to create cutlery and straws containing 70% biomass content. These products are extra strong, suitable for hot and cold food, and according to the brand, are the first to be made from fully renewable and sustainable sources. When you consider that Mexico produces roughly 50% of the world’s supply of avocados, we think it’s safe to say Biofase has a lot of room for growth. 

Boldr Supply Co

Giant Propeller has quality history with watch brands, so we know a thing or two when it comes to these products. Based out of Singapore and Malaysia, Boldr Supply Co manufactures watches and watch gear that’s super tough, stylish-yet-functional, and always ready for adventure. Designed to be worn, used, and abused every day, this brand encourages people to step out of their comfort zones and make exciting memories in the Great Outdoors. But perhaps beyond the durable, attractive watches, we’re also attracted to the character of the brand. After a failed Kickstarter campaign that would have derailed most emerging brands, the founders of Boldr persevered and made their dream come true regardless. That’s super tough. 

Boy Smells

Socially progressive brands always catch our eye. Boy Smells creates two items you normally don’t associate with each other – candles and underwear – but their aesthetic somehow makes this connection seem so obvious. Sensuous, accessible and bright, Boy Smells products are designed to elevate your intimate world beyond the gender binary. With a simple, stylish unisex approach, this LA-based brand makes loving your identity a daily ritual – and we think that’s pretty awesome. 

Ephemeral Tattoos

In the next few decades, there will be an entire generation of grandparents with high-waisted pants, walkers and… tattoo sleeves covering their sagging arms. Yes, what’s hot on Instagram today may become a little strange later in life, so the innovative folks at Ephemeral Tattoos have done something about it: temporary “statement pieces.” Not to be confused with those cheap, temporary peel-off tattoos we used to apply as kids, these high-quality works of skin art are on another level. Applied the same way as regular tattoos, this ink lasts either 3 or 6 months depending on which you prefer. You can even opt to get a 1 year tattoo if you want more of a commitment. Point being, this New York based-brand is catering to an audience that doesn’t want to be stuck with a whimsical creative decision for the rest of their life. 

One Wheel

This hip emerging brand creates products that bridge transportation with recreation. Established in 2014, One Wheel makes those single-wheel “riding experiences” that rival your standard electric scooters. Compact, easy to carry and stylishly customizable, they stand a chance to really redefine e-movement in a very cool way. Based out of beachy Santa Cruz, they use their fun-loving environment as one big testing ground to innovate their products. And with a mission statement that reads, “It all comes down to creating vehicles from the future and riding them into the sunset with an ear to ear grin,” what’s not to like? 

Rocket Eyewear

This brother and sister duo out of Singapore were inspired to launch their sunglasses brand because of their mom, who always lost her favorite shades. In order to make sure she always had a pair, the siblings teamed up to create a customized version and thus, Rocket Eyewear was born. Designing shades that are classic, lightweight and super comfortable, every pair of Rocket sunglasses is hand-crafted with the finest materials: premium cellulose acetate, polarized CR-39 lenses and stainless steel hinges that offer maximum wearability and durability. Oh, and their website is super cute, too. 

Star Face

How do you stand out from the hundreds of other skincare products that flood the market? You do it with pure creativity and personality. The Star Face website and Instagram is unlike any other we’ve seen, with a very clear identity and no obvious choices made. Seriously, they tell their brand story via a Star Wars crawl – how great is that? So onto their actual product: Hydro-Stars are hydrocolloid pimple-protectors, clinically proven to absorb fluid, shield spots from outside bacteria, and prevent skin picking. They work, and are really adorable, so we’re giving this emerging brand five gold stars. 


A really easy way to make us love an emerging brand is by being charitable heroes. State has that covered. Not only do they make very stylish backpacks, fanny packs, totes and accessories for men, women and children, but they also make the world a better place. For every bag purchased, State supports American children and families in need in the ways they need it most. They donate fully-packed backpacks, fund special projects with partner charities and schools, and shed light around social injustices. An emerging brand that creates great products and is also run by great people? Fist bumps all the way. 


No one wants to get a cut, but if you do, you’ll look forward to treating it with Welly. This Minnesota-based emerging brand creates super cute mini first aid kits that are easy to carry around, and really fun to use. Using premium ointments and bandages with colorful designs designed by an artist, they take the sting out of boo boos for adults and kids alike. With Welly, you’re liable to receive the first compliments ever for your bandages. After all, just because you’re accident-prone, doesn’t mean you still can’t be stylish. 



Bam. There you have it. Ten brands that have popped up on our radar that you should definitely check out. If you – or someone you know – qualifies as a hot emerging brand, by all means drop us a line and maybe it will get featured in our next round for 2020!