How Energy Muse Increased Online Conversions Over 400% in 11 Months

Rebrand and Website Overhaul
Developing a brand from a blank canvas
Energy Muse is an online store for crystals, gemstones, jewelry, and holistic tools for energy abundance.


Creative Services, Custom Application Development, Email Marketing, Loyalty Program Development, Organic Social Media, Paid Media, Photography & Production, Product Launch Strategy, SEO Content Strategy, Web Design & Development


Project Overview.




The original Energy Muse website was an excellent resource for information surrounding gemstones, crystals, and holistic wellness. In fact, Energy Muse’s informational content library had such healthy SEO standings that it organically drove over 600,000 unique visitors each month. However, this organic website traffic didn’t equate to sales. While informational keywords can attract high volumes of website visitors, blog strategy is typically an awareness tactic, and while the previous content was driving large quantities of traffic, it wasn’t driving the quality traffic that Energy Muse needed. 


Increase in website conversions


Increase in blended roas


new loyalty program enrollments


Increase in email subscribers


Increase in social followers

Giant Propeller was instrumental, increasing our conversion rate by 400%, email list by 49%, and social media following by 50%. The team continues to exceeed expectations, and internal stakeholders are particularily impressed with their vast knowledge of customer experience.


In addition to the website traffic issues, Energy Muse came to Giant Propeller with several business barriers: 


The website, as a whole, had poor UX/UI design resulting in confused website visitors and high bounce rates.


The company messaging was unclear, did not effectively tell the story of the Energy Muse brand, or communicate the product offering. In fact, most users didn’t realize Energy Muse sold products at all –resulting in a  poor conversion rate of 0.2%.


Energy Muse lacked a comprehensive brand strategy and brand identity. They needed a complete overhaul that would elevate the brand, while aligning with the founder’s creative vision and existing library of quality content.


Aside from organic content strategy, Energy Muse did not have a holistic marketing strategy, so we were essentially starting from the ground up across channels.


Since Energy Muse didn’t have a lifecycle marketing strategy, their marketing channels weren’t being properly utilized, leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in prospective sales.


In order to elevate the Energy Muse brand, we needed to go back to the drawing board. We started with a brand audit to truly understand the product, industry, competitors, and consumers. From there, we clearly defined the brand, our target audience, and our holistic marketing strategy for our path to brand recognition, conversions, customer loyalty, and long-term growth.

Brand Strategy &
Marketing Research

As part of our brand audit, we conducted in-depth market research, noted points of differentiation, defined our target audience, and developed clear brand positioning.
The findings discovered in the brand audit served as the foundation for our proposed marketing plan and supported a full-scale rebrand.
We established a clear brand purpose as well as a new voice and tone that would best resonate with our target audience. These served as the guiding light for rebranded messaging.

Rebrand &
Creative Direction

With a solid foundation, we began revamping the Energy Muse brand. From logo explorations to color palettes, typography, and icon sets, we fully overhauled their brand identity – making Energy Muse more approachable and consumer-facing.
The creative team put together new brand guidelines and concept boards to communicate visual design direction for new marketing collateral.
Our rebrand strategy also called for a content refresh. Being the full-service marketing agency that we are, we conducted a photography and videography shoot to capture fresh content for the brand.
With new brand guidelines, assets, and messaging, we were ready to update copy and content across channels. This would help us achieve a modern and consistent brand identity online and in stores. 

Website Design & Development

Continuing  our rebrand, we designed and developed a new website that would convert the incoming traffic. While maintaining SEO health, we updated the content and messaging across the site.
We optimized for UX/UI to improve the overall experience and navigation for website visitors.
We implemented two custom applications that further enhanced the customer journey– adding engaging, premium content to the site.

Organic Social Media Strategy

Our social media managers began growing the Energy Muse audience by creating high-quality original content and community management, driving meaningful conversations with existing customers, interested prospects, and even approaching customers of the competition by looping them into our brand conversation. 
Each month we would deploy 30+ original posts consisting of material from our content photoshoots, original designs and quotes led by the founder of Energy Muse, and blended with curated stock material.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email was a huge part of our lifecycle strategy. By segmenting customer data across Email and datasets for retargeting and advertising, we were able to provide specifically tailored offerings to different audience segments leading to immediate  increase in AOV (Average Order Value) and increased their LTV (Lifetime Value).
Before coming to Giant Propeller, Energy Muse was utilizing an outdated platform called Infusionsoft for their Email campaigns. They would send out frequent, lengthy Emails with poor open rates.
Our team updated their Email service provider to Drip and developed an array of Email campaigns and automated sequences based on customer segmentation and interactions.

Loyalty Program Development

Another major piece to our lifecycle strategy was the creation of a loyalty program. Energy Muse has always had a dedicated and loyal customer base. However, those fans were never properly incentivized within the system. 
We created a Loyalty Program that would reward their faithful customers with exclusive rewards, benefits, and discounts. 
From its conception through development and launch, this program only took 60 days to execute. Our development team was able to swiftly implement the platform using within our custom coded Shopify site.

Subscription Service Development

Once the new site was live, our team reviewed data of recurring visitors and loyal repeat customers and we saw an opportunity for a subscription service.
The subscription box provided customers with a beautiful assortment of small stones and crystals each month, accompanied by information on each stone and its uses and rituals. 

Product Launch Strategy

While our main focus was the Energy Muse rebrand, there were some other projects that required our attention – the product launch of Crystal365.
One of the Energy Muse Co-Founders is a published author and thought leader. She had been working on her second book titled Crystal 365, and with the rebrand of the website and the newfound success converting customers, the launch of the book was primed to be introduced to her entire audience. 
We helped format the book, designed its illustrations, and shot visually captivating photography for the hundreds of crystals featured within.
For the launch of the book, we led and executed a marketing campaign across channels to spread awareness to new and existing customers.

Paid Media Strategy

Given that Energy Muse already had 600k+ unique monthly visitors coming in as a result of their successful SEO and content, GP’s focus was converting these visitors. 
We retargeted organic users with relevant and engaging ads on Facebook, the Google Display Network, and other paid media platforms. 


Our brand strategy enabled us to create a refined brand identity for Energy Muse. We elevated the brand, established consistency across channels, segmented our audience, created and executed a holistic marketing strategy –  resulting in a 400% increase of website conversions.

What started as a request to improve website conversion rates quickly became an overhaul and enhancement of the entire brand. The results of our holistic marketing strategy were immediate. Energy Muse is now a thriving e-commerce business that continues to grow every day.


Increase in website conversions


Increase in blended roas


new loyalty program enrollments


Increase in email subscribers


Increase in social followers

Photography & Production

Part of maintaining the newly minted Energy Muse brand was the pairing of a constantly refreshing content library. Each month our team would shoot 80+ images showcasing products and lifestyle.

The result was a rebranded content library with fresh images that could be distributed and repurposed across marketing channels –the website, social media, Email, paid media, etc. 

Web Design & Development

We updated the site with our new brand identity – bringing the brand to life and transforming the customer experience. The new site was much easier to navigate, had clear and concise messaging, and effectively told the Energy Muse brand story.
The result was immediate – conversion rates increased, bounce rates decreased, and the website was an overall success.

Custom Application Development

Within the site, we also developed two custom applications. The first is a crystal survey that allows shoppers to “connect visually with the crystals they’re most drawn to” by selecting imagery of various stones that each contain a unique property. From there the grouping of selected crystals is analyzed and information about each is provided as well as the opportunity to make a purchase.

Our second tool, the “crystal identifier,” is an image-recognition AI tool that allows the shopper to take or upload a picture of any stone, crystal or gem. Our tool then cross-references millions of photos across the internet to decipher what stone the crystal is. This gives shoppers the ability to find a stone/crystal they don’t know the name of, to identify it for purchase.

The result was a unique online customer experience that led to  increased engagement from website visitors, longer sessions, and more conversions.

Organic Social Media Strategy

Our social media marketing efforts  immediately impacted Energy Muse’s brand awareness and social engagement. The results were a 

  • 51% increase in social engagement across platforms
  • Over 400K total social media followers across platforms

Lifecycle Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing: Through our lifecycle strategy, holistic marketing efforts, and careful audience segmentation, we were able to:

  • Grow Energy Muse Email subscribers by 49%
  • Reach an average open rate of 33% across Emails

Loyalty Program Development: A key part of our lifecycle strategy was rewarding existing customers. After only 6 months of the Loyalty Program launch, 88K+ customers had registered.

Subscription Service Development: The subscription service began as an offering that deployed to top customers via Email, announcing a limited 200 spaces and sold out within the first day.  Since its introduction in mid 2020, the box service has acquired thousands of subscribers and has become a recurring revenue mechanism for Energy Muse.

Paid Media

Our paid media approach focused on pushing customers further down the funnel. After we began retargeting website visitors we saw a:

  • 4x increase in Facebook ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • 5x increase in ROAS across 5 channels total