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If you're challenged by the need for standout creative solutions, Giant Propeller has your answer. Our team of experts specializes in delivering captivating, innovative strategies that tackle your brand's unique challenges and unlock its creative potential, ensuring you always stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Brand Identity Development

Have a brand identity that deeply resonates with your audience. We build lasting connections through mood boards, typography, and more.

Ad Design

Ad designs are expressions of our broader brand strategy. We create engaging visuals that convey your message and values. From logos to ads, our designs align with your goals and brand.

UGC & Social Media

Harness the strength of social media. Our content expertise is wide-ranging, including UGC, animation, and traditional media, breathing life into your brand within budget.

Website Design

Your website is the bridge between you and consumers. Reinforce that bridge with our technical and creative expertise.

Mobile App Design

We provide UX/UI expertise, guiding you from development to launch, ensuring your app is a seamless reflection of your brand.

Packaging Design

Our packaging designs blend creativity and functionality. Resonate, elevate, and captivate consumer attention.


Elevating Lulu Ave to Feel Like a "$100 Million Brand"

What Working With
Giant Propeller Means For You

An Organized Operation

As your all-in-one marketing department, we provide holistic solutions to your brand’s needs, streamlining your day-to-day marketing operations. 

Access To Every Skillset

With essential eCommerce talent, we tackle all marketing needs. Utilize our full team or activate specific members.

Find your roadmap to success

Transparency and Accountability

We understand the importance of our decisions. In addition to daily client engagement, our monthly reports provide detailed insights into budget utilization.


Build Your Brand Story.


We kick off with meticulous research and analysis, delving into industry dynamics and audience insights for a comprehensive foundation.


Transparent communication and client collaboration are our pillars. Together, we don’t just meet goals; we exceed them, reaching new heights.


Our creative team creates assets across channels, ensuring brand consistency. Our performance team devises innovative results-oriented campaigns.


As initiatives launch and resonate with consumers, Giant Propeller rapidly optimizes. Guided by data-driven insights, we consistently refine strategies.

Interested in Working with Us?

Our Clients.

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, Giant Propeller stands as a leading digital marketing agency, providing comprehensive growth marketing services that go beyond the ordinary. Our expertise extends to creative marketing services, making us the creative agency you’ve been searching for.

Our seasoned marketing strategists understand that in today’s digital era, creativity plays a pivotal role in capturing the attention of your target audience. With a keen focus on innovative thinking and unique approaches, our creative marketing services are designed to set your brand apart.

Giant Propeller’s creative team combines artistic flair with data-driven insights to create compelling marketing campaigns. Whether it’s designing eye-catching graphics, crafting engaging user-generated social media content, or producing captivating advertising campaigns, we have the creative assets and expertise to fuel your brand growth goals.

Our agency’s creative director, brand manager, and graphic design specialists are at the helm, ensuring that your brand’s identity is consistently and creatively portrayed across all marketing efforts. From website design to influencer marketing, we have the know-how to ensure your brand resonates with your target audience.

Small businesses, in particular, benefit from our tailored creative strategies that suit their unique marketing needs. We take pride in being more than just a digital marketing agency; we’re a partner that invests in your success like it’s our own.

At Giant Propeller, we believe that a well-rounded marketing strategy combines both creative and strategic elements. That’s why we offer a holistic approach that encompasses everything from branding to digital advertising. Our marketing team’s expertise ensures that every marketing plan we craft is not only creative but also effective. Our fractional marketing team can support with the following growth marketing services:

When you choose Giant Propeller as your creative marketing agency, you gain a partner that is dedicated to bringing out the best in your brand. We take your marketing efforts to new heights, ensuring that your message reaches your target audience with impact and resonance.

Discover the impact of powerful creative in your marketing strategy – partner with Giant Propeller today and unlock your brand’s full potential. With our comprehensive growth marketing services that set you apart from the competition.