How Orient Watch Grew Revenue by 137% in One Year

Orient Watch
Orient Watch Transformed from a Little-Known Japanese Wholesaler to a Leading North American DTC Ecommerce Brand Through Giant Propeller’s Holistic Marketing Program. For a fraction of the cost of hiring employees in-house, Orient quickly saw sales increase month over month. Within three years, their online revenue had climbed from six figures to eight.


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Project Overview.




Orient Watch is one of Japan’s oldest watchmakers—they’ve been making timepieces with precision and care in Japan since 1951. For the US branch of Orient Watch, their sole business model was wholesale. With the boom of DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) e-commerce, Orient wanted to modernize its business and diversify its revenue streams.






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“We needed a solution that provided us with all the necessary components of running and managing a successful eCommerce business. When we found Giant Propeller, it was the only single-source solution that had every skill set and ability required.”


Orient Watch came to Giant Propeller with several business barriers: 


Orient didn’t have a strong comprehension of modern marketing technology, doing business online, or even how to approach their desired growth goals.


They didn’t have the marketing knowledge or resources internally to orchestrate the DTC transformation they desired.


Orient wanted to move quickly, but also understood that the time and expenses required to build an in-house marketing department wasn’t an option for them.


Despite having been around since 1951, Orient was virtually unknown outside of Japan and had no real presence or brand identity in the US.


The Orient Watch website was highly dysfunctional and had poor UX. The website content consisted of sterile low quality renders of watches on white backgrounds and had no compelling brand identity or brand story.


Orient operated on MailChimp with little to no email strategy. Their Emails featured no design elements with messaging heavily centered around discounting and were actually harmful to the brand. Their Email list also had no segmentation.


In order to elevate the Orient Watch brand and launch their online DTC strategy, we needed to go back to the drawing board. We started with a brand audit to truly understand the product, industry, competitors, and consumers. From there, we clearly defined the brand, our target audience, and our holistic marketing strategy for our path to US brand recognition and growth.

We developed a holistic marketing plan that included establishing a brand strategy & identity, creating high-end video and photography assets, overhauling the Website UI/UX to maximize traffic conversion, managing social channels and building an influencer gifting program, managing email & search engine marketing, and running paid media campaigns across multiple platforms.

Brand Strategy

We dissected every existing brand and marketing channel while simultaneously surveying existing customers. This armed our team with an intimate understanding of the business and revealed areas that required improvement as well as untapped opportunities.

Within this process our market research indicated that Orient’s original base-customer demographic was too limited for the business to scale rapidly. Their original base consisted of purists and watch collectors, a segment that was far too small, saturated, and limiting sales expansion.

We concluded that the largest opportunity for sales would be found by repositioning Orient as a hip, fashion-forward Japanese company among a more “fast fashion and streetwear” consumer demographic; increasing desirability and significantly expanding the pool of potential prospects.

We developed a 1-year holistic marketing plan complete with business milestones for our team to work against.

 Brand Identity & Creative Direction

With a solid foundation, we began revamping our brand identity to help differentiate Orient Watch in the US watch industry.

The creative team put together new brand guidelines and concept boards to reconstruct the vision for Orient Watch. Everything from the logo and iconography, storytelling through photography and video, to the voice and tone for all brand messaging – we gave the brand a content refresh.

Website Redesign & Developement

We conducted UX and CRO audits by implementing heat mapping tech on the website. We identified UX flaws within the existing WooCommerce site,  made code improvements, and optimized for user-flow and conversion.

GP replaced their outdated WooCommerce site with a custom built Shopify that features multiple conversion funnels and a highly optimized ‘two-click checkout process”, reducing purchase friction.

We also developed a custom 3D product visualization feature to reduce online returns.

Social Media & Influencer Strategy

We gave the Orient Watch social media platforms a brand refresh and got to work –  building not only a following, but a community.

Our social management team worked daily across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to increase engagement and acquire authentic followers.

We instated  a monthly micro-influencer gifting program and leveraged fashion influencers/bloggers for user-generated content creation and the seeding of social media giveaway contests.

Email Overhaul

We overhauled their email program, replacing Mailchimp with Drip, migrating their contacts over to the new platform. 

We conducted data analysis and in-depth segmentation, and crafted targeted messaging for their specific audience segments. 

GP implemented an automated Email schedule, developed a Welcome Series, Abandon Cart sequence, and configured new Email funnels and automations to set the program up for success.

Email List Expansion

During our process of revamping the website, GP set up attention-grabbing email capture points in exchange for standard shipping and discount incentives. 

GP also leveraged paid media to launch email capture campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. 

We simultaneously ran micro-Influencer gifting campaigns that promoted a “viral contest.” The contest offered the chance to win products in exchange for email submissions. With each email submission and action a user took on social media, the chances of winning the contest increased.

Paid Media Strategy

We created targeted ads for consumers across each stage of the marketing funnel, and ran our paid campaigns across  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, Reddit and Google platforms.

Our strategy focused on allocating 80% of the budget to upper-funnel awareness initiatives while the remaining 20% was spent on middle funnel and retargeting. 

In addition to these core audiences, we created lookalike audiences based on viewer behavior from some of our video ads. We collected information from viewers that were more engaged with our content, and created  a lookalike audience of highly targeted prospects.

As a data-driven agency, our paid media team ran the 80/20 split for days at a time, monitoring performance, adjusting our approach based on routine reporting and analytics.

Amazon Marketing

We audited and optimized Orient’s Amazon’s Seller Central storefront. Once re-configured, we deployed a full-funnel Amazon strategy. 

GP also crafted A+ Amazon content and worked on Amazon SEO, boosting the visibility of Orient products in organic search results.

Our paid media team also  fueled discovery of the brand by launching display network ads across all of Amazon’s advertiser properties.  Our paid media approach specifically targeted in-market customers who were actively searching for a new watch.


Our brand strategy enabled us to create a refined brand identity for Orient Watch in the US market. We modernized the brand, ensured consistency across channels, established their DTC presence, and generated a 137% increase in YoY revenue.

Orient Watch transformed from a Japanese Wholesaler to a leading North American DTC eCommerce brand through Giant Propeller’s holistic marketing program. For a fraction of the cost of hiring employees in-house, Orient quickly saw sales increase month over month. Within three years, their online revenue had climbed from six figures to eight.









Photography & Production

We captured and produced high-end photo and video content  to refresh our imagery and bring the Orient Watch brand to life. Each month we would shoot both new product photography and lifestyle imagery featuring models in various outdoor locations. This content quickly set the bar for the entire watch industry. This was the result.

Web Design & Development

One of our core channels was the Orient Watch website. We updated the site with our new brand identity – elevating the content, refreshing graphics, and revising our messaging across pages. We also optimized the website’s UX/UI on both desktop and mobile versions to improve overall customer experience online. This resulted in:

102% increase in ROI

150% growth in email subscribers

80% increase in online conversions

Reduced product return rate by 60%

Social Media & Influencer Strategy

Our social media and influencer marketing efforts immediately impacted Orient Watch’s brand awareness and social engagement. Our strategy led to:
78% increase in Instagram followers
91% increase in Facebook followers
49% increase in Twitter followers
30+ pieces of User Generated content created each month

Email Marketing

We transformed Orient’s email from an afterthought into a highly profitable channel. Starting from a list size of 8,000, we expanded to a list of 31,000 email subscribers. All in all, our email strategy led to:
191% increase in email subscribers
275% increase in email generated revenue

Paid Media Strategy

Through our data-driven paid media strategy, we saw an immediate impact on brand awareness and ROI. The results were:
151% Increase YoY units sold
58M Targeted Impressions per year
4.2x in ROAS

Amazon Marketing

Through our strategic approach to Amazon marketing, we were able to take Orient Watch Amazon sales to the next level. The results were exponential:
Over 1,000 watches sold per week
11x ROAS.