Mind-Bending Digital Campaign to Launch Sprayground Luggage Miguel Pujols June 16, 2020

Mind-Bending Digital Campaign to Launch Sprayground Luggage

Our business model is based on one thing: revolt until you rule. So when we approached  Sprayground – founded by David Ben-David – we recognized fellow divergents who play by no rules, and that’s how we like it. Sprayground is responsible for creating a brand new market for one-of-a-kind backpacks (and now luggage), designed by New York street art legends- and their following is insanely die hard.


So how do we take a brand that’s already on top of the exclusive streetwear game and propel them even further with the launch of their first luggage collection? Giant Propeller co-founder and Creative Director Jordan Freda had a vision: bring together some of our favorite influencers and throw them into colorful, surreal imagery, taking luggage somewhere it’s never boldly gone before – the kind of campaign other brands and agencies would never have the guts to create.


Each concept within the campaign, conceived and directed by Freda, couldn’t be more different from the last, but what they share in common is the way in which they incorporate Sprayground’s luggage into dream-like scenarios and impossible locations within the photos, videos, and digital ads. Whether it’s…


Liza Lash in a runway show at 30,000 feet, Anthony Alcaraz navigating a mind-bending Hong Kong cityscape..



Madzilla getting spaced-out in the cosmos,  Sprayground founder David Ben-David himself shredding the gnar on an epic shark-infested wave, or Stacey Hash floating in a purple pool of “sizzurp”.



Jordan utilized psychedelic photography and video and crafted advanced visual effects environments paired with original music by Marlon Travis Barrow to make an alternate marketing reality unlike any you have ever seen (depending on what kind of recreational substances you may or may not ingest).

Sprayground is known as “the rebel bag company” for good reason: each product Sprayground makes is not only insanely bold, but also limited and never produced again. Which is why they are so coveted among trendsetters and celebrities alike.  Designs this unique guarantee you’ll never have anyone mistakenly take your luggage off the conveyor belt at baggage claim ever again.


David Ben-David chose Giant Propeller as Sprayground’s agency because he felt our vibes and knew we would kill it together creatively. Both Giant Propeller and Sprayground want dopeness, weirdness, expression, and we are here to command attention through DGAF creativity.



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