Orient Watch: Breathing New Life Into An Old Brand Miguel Pujols June 16, 2020

Orient Watch: Breathing New Life Into An Old Brand

Orient Watch was founded in Japan in 1950…

…but by the time they approached us to create a campaign for them in 2017, they were in need of reimagining their entire image. But with so many watch brands in the world, how does one go about standing out from the rest? Our solution was to personify it.

And so Mr. Orient USA was born – a tall, dark and handsome fellow in a brilliant blue suit who comes with their watches as a “genie in the bottle” character. He helps people in their times of need, whether it’s wanting to talk to the cutest girl in the bar, surviving being lost in a harsh desert, selecting the perfect gift for a boyfriend or finding their watch in a bubble bath.

Directed by Tanya Dahl and shot by cinematographer Matt Roe, the spots are designed to introduce the brand to a whole new generation that’s never even heard of Orient Watch. Considering their slick production value, it may be surprising to know that Tanya and our Producer AJ Kelly managed to film these four commercials in just two days!


Additionally, multiple locations, background extras, and visual effects involving lasers, fire and water left very little room for mistakes. Fortunately, Tanya and the Giant Propeller crew totally crushed it every step of the way.


We believe these spots are as fun to watch as they were to make: the visuals and humor pop off the screen with breezy joy. And no, Mr. Orient’s impressive eyebrows are not CGI – that was all in the casting.


Of course, filming these spots was just the beginning of our campaign. Vibrant photography and clever copywriting for banner ads, as well as ad distribution across digital display networks, social media management / influencer collaborations, and designing product landing pages were all instrumental in achieving our main goal: to take a vintage brand which has persevered over the decades and re-introduce it to the world in a totally new way.

We hope that you take some time – pun intended – to watch our videos and enjoy a laugh or two. If you like them, feel free to share them with your friends on the social media interwebs.


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