Spotlight on the Movers and Shakers: A Small Business Saturday Special Gabriel Peralta November 20, 2023

Spotlight on the Movers and Shakers: A Small Business Saturday Special

As Small Business Saturday rolls around, it’s an opportune moment to cast a spotlight on some of our inspiring clients, who with their innovation, passion, and tenacity, exemplify the essence of entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s delve deeper into their stories, including the vision behind Giant Propeller.

Mike Bodkin: The Visionary Behind Giant Propeller

At the helm of Giant Propeller is Mike Bodkin, an entrepreneurial force who believes in the power of storytelling. With a passion for innovation and an unyielding drive to bring visions to life, Mike is more than just our CEO. His journey from working in the entertainment industry to founding Giant Propeller speaks to his adaptability and relentless pursuit of excellence.

His story underscores the heart of our agency: a commitment to elevate brands and narratives in transformative ways. Behind the scenes, he’s a blend of creativity, strategy, and boundless energy, always seeking new avenues to drive momentum.

Sierra Forensic Group

SFG is more than just a forensic accounting firm. With a global reach and particular expertise in Latin America, their dedication to integrity, excellence, and teamwork shines through in every project. They don’t just crunch numbers; they unveil truths, ensuring transparency and honesty in the financial world.

Rec Etch: Gifting, Elevated

At first glance, Rec Etch offers beautifully crafted custom gifts, but delve a bit deeper, and you’ll find a team that’s passionate about leaving a lasting imprint on people’s hearts. Their offerings go beyond the material; they’re about creating memories, heirlooms, and stories that transcend generations. Collaborating with them, we’ve come to appreciate their attention to detail and their deep-rooted belief in the value of preservation and legacy.

Rinse: The Natural Choice

Rinse offers more than just handcrafted soaps and body products. They are artisans, believers in the magic of natural ingredients, and advocates for sustainability. Their products not only cleanse but also rejuvenate, bringing a dash of nature’s serenity into our daily routines. It’s evident in every interaction that they are as invested in nourishing the spirit as they are the skin.

Tiiga: Nature’s Hydration Reinvented

Tiiga isn’t just about hydration; it’s about connecting to nature, to the essence that sustains us, and even supporting gut health. Their dedication to authentic, natural hydration solutions is matched only by their commitment to sustainability and giving back. Their story is one of passion, of understanding nature’s intricate balance, and of delivering that purity directly to consumers.

Schwabe Digital: The Sound of Innovation

When it comes to audio technology, Schwabe Digital isn’t just about sound; it’s about feeling, emotion, and connection. Led by the Grammy-nominated Ryan Schwabe, they blend technical expertise with a deep passion for music. With Schwabe Digital, a mixing and mastering plugin, they hope to unlock career-making hits for amateurs to pros. Their innovations echo their commitment to enhancing the auditory experience, making every note, every beat, and every melody truly resonate.

Annie: Beauty Beyond Trends

Founded in 1993, Annie has consistently adapted to the ever-evolving beauty trends. But beyond their range of innovative products lies a team dedicated to self-expression, empowerment, and confidence. Their long-standing presence in the market is a testament to their commitment to celebrating individual beauty in all its forms.

Alleviate: Healing in Your Hands

While Alleviate offers a groundbreaking physical therapy device for Plantar Fasciitis, what truly stands out is their unwavering commitment to improving lives. Every discussion, every meeting, every strategy session with the Alleviate team showcases their dedication to genuine healing. They don’t just provide a solution; they empathize, understand, and work diligently to make a difference. Their analytical acumen combined with their heartfelt mission makes them not just innovators but healers in the truest sense.

Each of these businesses showcases the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship. Their stories inspire, their products enchant, and their visions guide us towards a better tomorrow. Here’s to the passion and innovation that fuel the world of small businesses!