Donald Trump Talks Digital With Giant Propeller Miguel Pujols June 11, 2020

Donald Trump Talks Digital With Giant Propeller

The goal of Trump’s visit was to assess the digital agency landscape in Los Angeles and discuss how media and marketing are an essential part of overall US economic growth, and of course, Making America Great Again.


During his brief visit, Trump was eager to try one of our latest augmented reality (AR) projects, “Hooya”, a live-video selfie mask app. The app places high quality masks/filters on a user’s face and allows them to record fun videos and share them with friends on social media, and directly through iMessage.


During our interview with Trump we convinced him to eat a shit-load of AR Pizza! To learn more about Hooya and our meeting, here is a transcript of the interview:


Q: Mike: We know there are several pictures of you online that you dislike and we think Hooya can assure that doesn’t happen again. Just apply any of our masks during your next bad hair day and no one will ever know. Is this your first experience with AR technologies?


A: Trump: Well, I’m very good at technology. The best. But I like the old days before people could get hacked. Now everybody is getting hacked. Computers. But your masks are tremendous. I really enjoyed the mask that lets you eat nonstop Pizza. I like Pizza.


Q: Jordan: This mask project is unlike any other. We’ve really managed to exceed and set the quality bar for digital masks and lenses. What was your favorite part of trying the experience?


A: Trump: The Chill-Out mask. I really like the way the text is 3D. So many people have fought against me and lost so badly. Like, I feel bad for them, badly… They need the Chill-Out mask. Their lives will improve immediately.


Q: Jordan: Hooya works by tracking your face and applying our artwork that features fun animations when certain facial triggers are activated. Are you familiar with Image Metric’s facial tracking tech?


A: Trump: My Cybersecurity Advisor, Rudy Giuliani, is very smart at this stuff. Big-league smart. He told me [Image Metrics] is great, really great. I think they did work on that Benjamin Buttons movie about that little old kid.


Q: Mike: As a digital marketing company, we are always intrigued by people who dominate the space. As evident with your Twitter account, you are no stranger to the importance of this industry. How would you use Hooya to your advantage in this space?


A: Trump: Sorry, were you talking? I stopped listening to you…did you see this mask? Look how cool I look. I mean, I look really, really cool. It even says right here on the screen that I’m cool. Which is so true. Where can I download this?


Hooya is available now in the Apple App Store, and iMessage Store. On your iPhone, download it through this link to check out all the masks conceptualized, designed and built for Image Metrics by Giant Propeller.


Giant Propeller is the creative and content agency behind the masks and branding within the Hooya app. Led by our Creative Director, Brian Salcedo, the masks are first conceptualized in Photoshop and then executed in Maya. Proprietary technology is provided by Image Metrics to make this app come to life.


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– Jordan Freda & Mike Bodkin