Watch Lil Dicky Pillow Talking Music Video by Giant Propeller Miguel Pujols June 13, 2020

Watch Lil Dicky Pillow Talking Music Video by Giant Propeller

Or, in the case of Lil Dicky, they can be profoundly existential debates about the possibility of alien life, the existence of God (who may or may not be John C. Reilly), the ethics of being a carnivore, and the burgeoning realization that you have to poop.


We’re not gonna lie. We here at Giant Propeller are beyond excited to finally unveil a project near and dear to our digital hearts: the video for Lil Dicky’s hilarious and thought-provoking “Pillow Talking.” But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s make one thing perfectly clear:


This is NOT a music video. Emerging artist meet the digital agency for emerging brands.


This is an eleven-minute short film featuring CGI warmongering extraterrestrials, doomed dinosaurs, the direwolves from Game of Thrones, a bloody slaughterhouse, and a brain so adorable you’ll wish he lived in your head. This insanity occurs after Lil Dicky beds a woman (played Taylor Misiak) only to discover they have absolutely nothing in common outside of oral copulation and thorough doggy.


You might know Lil Dicky from his debut 2013 music video “Ex-Boyfriend,” and “$ave Dat Money” which both went viral overnight and lead to him collaborating with the likes of Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Fetty Wap, Brendon Urie (Panic! at the Disco), RetroJace and Hannibal Buress. With over a million YouTube subscribers, Lil Dicky is poised to explode into the stratosphere and we’re adding gasoline to the fire with “Pillow Talking.”


Making this video was like a psychotic wet dream for us. If you were to fantasize about making every type of blockbuster movie and somehow getting it to fit into eleven minutes, that’s what we did. Lil Dicky and director Tony Yacenda came up with the overarching concept, and then we here at Giant Propeller worked with our storyboard, concept and CG artists to map-out the visuals and build everything that your eyeballs consumed.


To put it mildly, this was not a drill. It’s what we’ve been preparing for all along, the pièce de résistance that inspired us to pool our collective talents and fire on all cylinders. Every possible skillset that currently exists within the scope of modern visual effects was utilized for this video. From concept to production, through visual effects and post, we facilitated the entire process under the supervision of our agile Producer, Tom Quinn, Post Producer, Oscar Velasquez and VFX Supervisor Marek Jezo.


If you put a loaded Nerf gun to our heads and asked us what visual component we’re most pleased with contributing, we’d have to admit we love our Brain. We got to roll our sleeves up and conceptualize the little cerebral cutie from scratch, and we couldn’t be happier with how he turned out. Brain is a virtual star that holds his own through every generated landscape, whether he’s rapping, dancing, falling – or holding in a poop.


Speaking of amazing brains, there are far too many crew members to thank for making this video happen than can reasonably fit into a single blog posting, but they are heroes – every single one of them – and we are so proud to exhibit their hard work at long last.


So, if you like “Pillow Talking,” go ahead and share it with philosophically-inclined, like-minded individuals, or perhaps that special someone you shared a horribly awkward one night stand with. We want all the blazing talent poured into every pixel of this project to shine across the Interwebs, and for you to be highly entertained in the process.


Of course, none of this would be happening if Lil Dicky was A.) not a brilliant artist and B.) didn’t entrust us with his utterly unique song. This is why Giant Propeller loves to work with people like Lil Dicky. We want the rebels, the provocateurs, the think-outside-the-boxers, and the wet dreamers of dreams.


If you can think it, we can make it.


Challenge Accepted,

Jordan Freda and Mike Bodkin, The Executive Producers