Agile in Action | Customer Surveys Miguel Pujols July 14, 2020

Agile in Action | Customer Surveys

…we are often called upon to answer a very important question for clients in our Agile Marketing Program: “Who are our customers?”


Funny enough, that’s one of our questions to our clients at every new account kick-off meeting. The answers we hear typically vary in confidence, and are often followed by their brand evolution story. We get to know who the client initially thought their customers were, how their customers changed into someone else, and eventually the story ends with… “We’re not really sure anymore, that’s why we called Giant Propeller.”



To be clear, that’s one of many reasons we get hired by our clients. Our primary focus is to grow their brand and increase sales. To do this, we begin with defining customer personas. Who are we selling to? What makes them tick? What do they like? What do they dislike? Where are they shopping? And who do they want to have a meal with if it could be anyone living or dead? This is a real question we ask.



But how do we get to ask them all of these questions plus 70 more? It’s simple, we just ask. Within the first month of our Agile program, we task our team (who is now our client’s marketing department) to create 10 or so questions each (there are about a dozen people on the team) that they want to know about our client’s best customers. Did you notice the “best customers” adjective? That’s right. We want to target the people who spend the most money and have the greatest lifetime value for the brand. Not the guy who bought your product once and never came back. Once that customer list is compiled from sales data and analytics, the questions are combined into a single survey. We then fire off an email blast with incentivised participation (usually a sweet discount offer) and wait for the liquid gold intel to start pouring in.



Leveraging the data we gain from Customer Surveys has allowed us to make bold moves for our client’s overall brand strategy and re-evaluate where we spend our time trying to reach their core customers. Our team also uses the data to create unique customer personas as a client deliverable. This sets the stage for who we are targeting, how we want to communicate to them and how to more efficiently give them what you have to offer.



For Orient Watch USA, our survey revealed which social media platform their customers used the most, a little, and literally not at all. It also revealed their interests beyond the generic analysis that Google Analytics provides. The data is rich, and the rewards are richer. We completely reorganized our time management for social media, and started creating content that appeals to a much more affluent and mature audience. The shift allowed for more time on Instagram, where we saw a 7K follower increase in just the first month of focus shift. The increase also boosted our overall Add To Cart data from our IG shopping feed, engagement rates and sales conversions. Need I say more? Or are you ready to propel your brand?