Agile in Action | Follow the Money. And the Data Miguel Pujols August 1, 2020

Agile in Action | Follow the Money. And the Data

But even with all that planning and preparation your customers can take actions that you never see coming. How you respond to these changes in consumer demands can make a dramatic impact on your bottom line.


When we released an email promoting a big Earth Day sale for our client Energy Muse, they saw an excellent return, which was expected. What wasn’t expected was that the bestselling product from that email wasn’t even in the email. Or on the homepage. In fact, this product wasn’t even easy to find on the website. And yet, it was the #1 best selling product of that email. How is that possible? The answer to that question is a bit complex and something we’ll touch on in a minute. Regardless, once your customers resoundingly tell you what they want, the best move is to sell now and ask questions later.


Let’s take a look at what happened and how we capitalized on this unforeseen opportunity. When Energy Muse released that email the product in question, Shungite for Cellphones, a small, thin crystal that adheres to the back of a phone and protects users from EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies), had a lot of promise but not a lot of sales. In fact, it had lingered on their website for months without gaining much traction.


First a little background on Shungite. Shungite is a mineral scientifically proven to block EMF’s. As it happens people really love things that emit a lot of EMF’s like TV’s, Computers, and the thing you’re probably holding in your hand right now, a cellphone. Understanding that, it makes a lot of sense that a health conscience and wellness-focused audience would want a product that keeps EMF’s away.


What we had going for us at the time but didn’t realize was that awareness of the harmful effects of EMF’s was at an all-time high according to Google Trends search term relevancy. Naturally then people started to search for solutions to minimizing their exposure to EMF’s. Solutions like Shungite. As you can see in the chart at the top of this article the search term relevancy for “Shungite” skyrocketed a month before our email.


Upon studying the returns of the email and seeing Shungite at the top of list we were stunned at how a product with zero mention or promotion could be so popular. As shocked as we were, we immediately took action to market the product more prominently on all channels.


Since our customers already new about the product and we knew that they actively wanted it our next move was to actively promote and market Shungite for Cellphones and build a campaign around why people wanted and needed this product.


The campaign we created for web, social, email, and paid media centered around crystal intentions for protection and clearing. In order to do this, we built our messaging and creative around the themes of “Digital Detox” and “EMF Neutralizers”. We also shot new imagery that reinforced these themes and provided education on how to use Shungite.


The result of these efforts was a 30% increase in MOM sales for Shungite for Cellphones and a 13% increase in page value for the Protection and Clearing category. Having the ability to quickly respond to consumer tastes and needs is the cornerstone of the Giant Propeller Agile program.