Black-Owned Businesses Making Waves Across Categories Miguel Pujols August 8, 2023

Black-Owned Businesses Making Waves Across Categories

As we celebrate National Black Business Month, Giant Propeller takes immense pride in recognizing the outstanding contributions of Black-owned businesses to various sectors. These visionary entrepreneurs have not only created remarkable products and services but have also shattered barriers and inspired generations. Today, we shine a spotlight on six exceptional Black-owned businesses that continue to enrich our lives through their innovation, creativity, and unwavering dedication.

1. Oat Cinnamon – Flourishing Artistry in Floristry

Website: Oat Cinnamon

Step into a world of floral wonders with Oat Cinnamon, a captivating florist founded by the visionary Jasmine Turner. This boutique floral studio brings nature’s beauty to life, offering exquisite arrangements that speak to the heart. With an impeccable eye for detail and a passion for sustainability, Jasmine crafts unique designs that leave a lasting impression. Oat Cinnamon stands out not only for its artistic finesse but also for its commitment to supporting local growers and fostering a greener planet. Whether it’s a grand celebration or a heartfelt gesture, Oat Cinnamon’s creations are sure to elevate any moment.

2. Alaffia – Empowering Beauty with a Purpose

Website: Alaffia

Alaffia is not just a beauty brand; it’s a movement for social impact. Founded by Olowo-n’djo Tchala and Prairie Rose Hyde, Alaffia is driven by a powerful mission – to create authentic, high-quality skincare products while empowering communities in West Africa. Inspired by the traditional wisdom and healing practices of the region, Alaffia’s products are crafted with natural, ethically sourced ingredients. More than just being cruelty-free and environmentally conscious, Alaffia actively invests in initiatives that provide educational opportunities, maternal care, and reforestation efforts. Every purchase of an Alaffia product contributes to a better world, making beauty truly transformative.

3. Cafe Con Libros – Fueling Minds and Hearts with Literature

Website: Cafe Con Libros

For book lovers seeking diverse and thought-provoking reads, there’s no better place than Cafe Con Libros. Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, this independent bookstore, founded by Kalima DeSuze, is a sanctuary for literary exploration. Cafe Con Libros not only curates an extensive collection of books from Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ authors but also hosts engaging community events, book clubs, and workshops that foster intellectual growth and cultural appreciation. Kalima’s passion for literature and social justice resonates throughout the store, creating a safe space where stories unite people and ideas ignite change.

4. Coco And Breezy – Visionary Shades for the Bold

Website: Coco And Breezy

Dynamic twin duo Coco and Breezy are the brilliant minds behind the fashion-forward eyewear brand, Coco And Breezy. Their striking designs have graced the faces of numerous celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike. Embracing their love for individuality and self-expression, Coco and Breezy’s sunglasses reflect boldness, creativity, and a unique sense of style. Through their brand, they encourage wearers to fearlessly embrace their true selves. Their journey from starting as teenage designers to becoming an internationally acclaimed eyewear brand is a testament to their unyielding passion and dedication to their craft.

5. LemLem – Elevating African Fashion

Website: LemLem

Founded by supermodel Liya Kebede, LemLem is a fashion brand that beautifully blends traditional African craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. Specializing in handwoven apparel and accessories, LemLem’s pieces capture the vibrancy and rich heritage of African culture. The brand also plays a crucial role in empowering local artisans, particularly women, by providing them with sustainable employment opportunities. Liya’s commitment to preserving traditional weaving techniques and supporting communities shines through every thread, making LemLem a trailblazer in the world of ethical fashion.

6. Harlem Chocolate Factory – Sweet Delights with a Soulful Touch

Website: Harlem Chocolate Factory

Indulge your taste buds with the delectable creations of the Harlem Chocolate Factory, a confectionery venture founded by Jessica Spaulding. This delightful chocolate haven pays homage to the rich cultural history of Harlem while delighting chocolate enthusiasts with its heavenly treats. From artisanal truffles to unique chocolate bars infused with local flavors, every bite tells a story of love and craftsmanship. Jessica’s passion for her community and her confections shines through in every delectable piece, making Harlem Chocolate Factory a true testament to the power of passion and entrepreneurship.

As we celebrate National Black Business Month, let’s continue to support and uplift these incredible Black-owned businesses and the countless others that contribute to the tapestry of our society. Their stories inspire us to dream bigger, embrace diversity, and make a positive impact on the world around us.