Top Beauty Campaigns That Redefine Standards Miguel Pujols September 5, 2023

Top Beauty Campaigns That Redefine Standards

As a marketing agency, we love when creative teams mix things up and set the bar higher, especially when they do it in an aesthetically pleasing way that speaks directly to their audience. Who doesn’t love beauty? This month, we’re highlighting campaigns that have redefined the standards of beauty marketing. These beautiful initiatives not only enrich the industry but also resonate with audiences on a more authentic level.

Glossier: Real People, Real Beauty

Glossier’s approach to beauty marketing is as revolutionary as it is straightforward. By choosing to work with real people instead of influencers, the brand has cultivated a community that genuinely reflects the diversity and authenticity of its customers. This strategy has proven to be not just relatable but also a powerful driving force behind their billion-dollar valuation. Another essential aspect of Glossier’s appeal is how it employs UGC (user-generated content). Photos and testimonials from real users get prime real estate on the brand’s social media feeds, newsletters, and even their website. This creates a self-perpetuating cycle where customers not only feel seen but also excited to share their own beauty stories.

Dove: Tackling the Cost of Beauty

Dove’s “Cost of Beauty” campaign hit the nail on the head when it came to addressing the emotional and financial strains that often accompany society’s beauty standards. Through captivating storytelling, Dove enabled women to reassess their own worth and redefine beauty on their own terms. This helped build stronger emotional bonds between the brand and its audience. Dove’s campaign challenged societal norms in this regard. The campaign didn’t just aim to sell products; it aimed to spark conversations. The campaign made viewers reflect on the ‘price’ they pay—both literally and metaphorically—to meet these standards. As Dove continues to raise the bar, they serve as a benchmark for brands aspiring to build emotional and ethical connections with their audience.

Annie: The Broadus Collection

Speaking of redefining beauty, we couldn’t be more proud of our work with Annie and the Broadus Collection —shout out to Snoop Dogg and his family for reimagining the classic scarf! This scarves campaign and collection harmonized natural elements with luxurious accents, evoking a sense of elegance. The Broadus Collection is an homage to Snoop Dogg’s daughter, Cori, who has Lupus, an autoimmune disease that results in hair loss. Cori didn’t let her diagnosis get her down; instead she began to wrap her head in beautiful scarves. The Broadus Collection combines function and aesthetics, aligning with Annie’s vision of empowering people to feel beautiful inside and out.

Summer Fridays: Immersive Malibu Experience

Summer Fridays’ most recent pop-up was in a Malibu gallery. Self-love and wellness were at the forefront of the campaign for their new Rich Custom Cream. The museum showcased the brand’s unique aesthetic sensibility, demonstrating the power of visuals in resonating with an audience. The soft pastel tones and lush, inviting installations not only attract attention but also encapsulate the brand’s ethos of simplicity and organic beauty. Not only was this a visually stunning campaign, but a testament to the ways in which Summer Fridays nurtures their community. At its core, Summer Fridays is acutely aware that they are not just selling products; they are selling an experience. This philosophy is vividly reflected in how they portray their offerings. Each post, each story, each pop-up aims to encapsulate the entire experience of using their products—from the initial unboxing to the soothing ritual of skincare.

Youthforia: Listening to the Youth

Last but not least, Youthforia’s Instagram strategy reimagines how social media can be leveraged in beauty marketing. By engaging in active social listening, the brand captures the zeitgeist of its youthful demographic and adapts its products and messaging accordingly. The result? A brand that not only understands its audience but also speaks their language.

These brands have made waves not just for their creativity but also for their commitment to authenticity and inclusivity. They serve as an inspiration for any brand looking to make meaningful connections in an increasingly saturated market. Here’s to the beauty of genuine storytelling and the brands brave enough to embrace it.

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