Emerging Brands We Love | Volume 10: Hopsy Miguel Pujols October 1, 2020

Emerging Brands We Love | Volume 10: Hopsy

…dating as far back as 9,000 years ago in China. In fact, the invention of bread and beer has been argued to be responsible for humanity’s ability to develop technology and build civilization. In other words, you can say beer made the world what it is today.


So how do we continue to innovate such an ancient and vital beverage in 2020? One emerging brand we love has the answer: Hopsy. Founded in California in 2016, the brand’s flagship product is called “The SUB” draft appliance. This appliance is essentially like “a kegerator married a Keurig and had the coolest kid ever” (according to their website). This countertop home-draft appliance gives you amazingly fresh beer like you’re sitting in the taproom. But why is freshly tapped beer better? Science.


There’s a host of reasons why serious beer drinkers prefer draft beer over a bottle or can:


· TIME: Draft beer is fresher because it doesn’t sit around during bottling or on shelves after being made.

· LIGHT: Light reacts with the hops in beer and ends up making it more bitter than intended. That’s why beers in clear or light colored glass “skunk” faster than those in brown bottles.

· AIR: Beer is highly susceptible to oxidization (exposure to air), which negatively affects the flavor. There’s more exposure to air in bottled beer because it’s divided in individual containers before it’s served.


Hopsy is your one stop solution to all of these beer woes. To put all of this science to the test, we asked for a brave volunteer who would take on the heavy burden of owning a Hopsy SUB and report back to us with their findings. A scuffle quickly broke out in the office but our project coordinator, Yulia, emerged victorious (and with fist-fulls of other people’s hair). She assured us she would take this responsibility very seriously, and so a few weeks later this was what she had to say…


How did you discover Hopsy?

Despite what you say, I didn’t fight anyone for this. I was browsing for a smart drinking device for my home. A couple of my friends recommended getting a “portable bar” so that’s how I ended up finding Hopsy… Although, now that I have it, I probably would fight someone for it. Actually don’t print that part.


You have my word. So what attracted you to the brand?

I really liked their subscription deals and wide assortment of beer. They can definitely please any beer fan!


How easy is it to install / drink your beer?

It’s very easy to install. The instructions are very clear and anyone who can read will understand them. The time you need to wait for optimal beer temperature is a little too long in my opinion, but if you’re planning an evening party and install the beer around noon, you should be good to go.


What is the difference between freshly-tapped beer opposed to bottles or cans?

Oh where should I start? It just feels more “alive” –– fresher, very rich flavor, smoother to drink. It’s like having a frozen dinner versus a delicious homemade meal. I didn’t mind bottles and cans, but now when I have Hopsy, I can really notice the difference.


What kind of maintenance does it need to stay functional?

Nothing special. Make sure you wipe it down after use, clean the “dosator.” Just take care of it like any kitchen appliance.


How does the subscription service work? How often do you receive new kegs?

You become a proud member of their “Beer Club” and deliveries can be received every 2, 4 or 6 weeks. It’s super convenient the way you can get fresh beer delivered to your door! And all deliveries require an adult (21+) signature, which keeps things nice and responsible.


How many types of beers can you choose from, and what’s your favorite so far?

Oh that’s another thing I love about Hopsy: they have tons of beer selections! My favorites so far are “Wicked Tasty” (East Coast Style IPA), “Guy on a Buffalo” (Hazy IPA) and “Supernova Sunrise” (Wheat). They all have an interesting and unique citrus note that makes the beer very refreshing and easy to drink.


Why did you choose this brand / product? Obviously you enjoy beer, but what about this version of beer appeals to you?


I really like that I can avoid the time and anxiety of going to the stores and spending time there staring at the shelves and having little information provided about all the breweries. With Hopsy it’s very easy to pick your flavors and types as their website is very informative. And getting beer just with a couple of clicks, what can be better than that? Another benefit of having Hopsy is that it’s portable. I will definitely make it my traveling buddy and surprise friends whenever they have people over. Not only does Hopsy make beer drinking fun at home, but it can also be a really great party favor.


Let me know whenever that happens!


… Surrre. Uh, I have a meeting now. Bye!


Yulia’s abrupt exit cast doubts on whether I would ever be invited to partake in such festive revelries, so that leaves me with only one option: getting Hopsy for myself and putting this emerging brand to the taste test.