Agile In Action | Brand Influencers Are Closer Than You Think Miguel Pujols October 2, 2020

Agile In Action | Brand Influencers Are Closer Than You Think

For our client Face Halo, we focused on cutting through the holiday noise and capitalizing on the brand’s unique relationship with Co-Founder and influencer Chloe Morello for the launch of the Cherry Morello product line bearing her name.


To accomplish this task, we first had to acknowledge that Facebook and Instagram have greatly reduced the organic reach of influencers within their feed and discovery algorithm. Simply stated, between 2015-2018 brands would pay tens of thousands of dollars to place products within an influencer’s organic feed, and it worked. An influencer like Chloe who has an impressive 1.2 million followers would make the register ring. With the introduction of the latest algorithm changes, influencers no longer reach their audience organically as easily.


Here are a few of the methods we’re implementing to combat the algorithm changes and produce results:





Need to be posted organically within the influencer’s feed and propelled with a boosted post to their active audience and friends of their followers. The weight and health of this change has resulted in serious gains in value for brands and marketers who understand content.


This action by the networks also ensures that:

· Followers of influencers see their post within their feed

· Posts are boosted to friends of people following the influencer who may have similar tastes and affinities,


Therefore placing a greater probability of it showing up in Instagram’s discovery feed organically.


Brands Personalization


This used to be a loose guideline, while still being okay with the click-bait-type ad. No longer. The personalization and connection to influencers and brands is vital to any campaign.


As a result of following the new guidelines and taking advantage of the 2020 Instagram and Facebook algorithm changes, we were able to generate a blended return on ad spend of nearly 3.0 and achieved our clients’ success metrics with 6 figures in attributable sales for the launch of a new product. A result that otherwise would never have occurred if simply trusting organic methods within the new algo.


We do not think about results in the ROAS vacuum, rather, we apply a complete brand building approach with secondary goals of more deeply connecting Chloe and Face Halo via:


· Direct interaction

· Positive replies and responses

· No interference or buffering of relevance scores (or irrelevance scores)


Essentially, the perfect campaign for cutting through the noise was rewarded because we used the new –– admittedly mysterious and ever-changing –– guidelines and algorithm to our advantage, and we’ve now verified this. The special sauce is boosting an organic post and promoting it directly to “your followers and their friends,” uniquely capitalizing your position.


When you think about influencers you may not realize the power of what is in your immediate network. If you’re a founder talking to your audience regularly, and are speaking definitively regarding a topic that surrounds your brand: you are, in essence, an influencer.


You need to know how to capitalize on your audience and have a plan that is able to flex to your needs. This is the value and the approach of GP’s Agile flight plan. It allows you, the brand, to be less rigid in your approach and be opportunistic when it’s needed.


So take a look around for somebody who may have topical based influence that would help market your product. This may not be you, but rather it can be somebody on your team, investors, or on the advisory board.


When you find them, the question is would you know how to deploy and activate them as influencers? We do.


At Giant Propeller, our goals are to activate a client’s sphere of influence to its maximum. Often times that means understanding what levers deeply connect consumers and users to the brand via sales. Equally as important is building the interaction between you and consumers so they become not just buyers, but advocates.


Want to learn how to maximize your brand, and outsmart the changing social algorithm? Contact our team today about your next campaign and we’ll make it happen!