How to Use TikTok for Business in 2023 Miguel Pujols March 6, 2023

How to Use TikTok for Business in 2023

How to Use TikTok for Business, and Pros of Using It for Your Business and Advertising


In 2023, the social media platform TikTok overtook Instagram as the most downloaded app in the world. Although it has been around since 2016, TikTok skyrocketed in popularity during the pandemic. This social media app, based on its predecessor,, celebrated one billion active users in 2021. Analysts project that the active TikTok base will continue to grow, and businesses have noticed. 


How Does TikTok Work?


On TikTok, users create short videos on just about anything under the sun. Then, followers and viewers can comment, react, or user-generated content. If you like a particular TikTok video, you can save it to your Collections.  



Engagement is the linchpin of the TikTok app, and trends, challenges, and collaborations are all ways to boost TikTok’s algorithms. Navigating the algorithms is the key to success on this social media app, prioritizing trending hashtags, user interaction and engagement, and fresh video content. Because TikTok monitors everything a user does within the app, it constantly adjusts what appears in their feed and what content gets prioritized.  


Can you advertise on TikTok? And Why Should Businesses Consider Using TikTok? 


If you are wondering if TikTok is good for business, consider these statistics

  • TikTok downloads surpassed three billion worldwide as of July 2021 
  • The US has over 136 million active users  
  • Worldwide, TikTok users spend almost 20 hours a month on the app 
  • Gen Z social media users prefer TikTok over Instagram 
  • TikTok users spend over $110 million a month 


Now, let’s talk about how to create a TikTok Business account.  


How to Set Up Your TikTok Business Profile


The first step to using TikTok for business is to set up a Business profile. TikTok makes it easy and quick to start, claiming a business can set up and begin its first campaign in moments. Download the app and create a profile, choosing the Business account option. If you are a small business and already have a personal account, you can switch your account over by tapping the three dots in the top right corner and selecting Manage Account. 



When you tap on Switch to Pro Account, you’ll have the option of selecting Business or Creator. Each type of account has pros and cons; both can help you with marketing and growth. You’ll need to decide which account will work best for your brand. Here are some of the pros of a Business account: 

  • TikTok’s Business Suite delivers analytics, TikTok ads, and trending videos 
  • You get access to the Commercial Music Library 
  • An eCommerce storefront 
  • Connect to third-party apps 


Some of the benefits of a Creator account include: 

  • A fuller audio library, including sounds and music that Business accounts can’t access 
  • The ability to duet and stitch without restriction 
  • TikTok’s Business Analytics 
  • The Creator Fund, which allows a user to monetize their account 


Both account types also have limitations. For example, the Creator account doesn’t allow third-party apps to manage content and must have a certain number of followers before they can add a website to their profile. However, Business accounts can only access royalty-free sounds and music, so they miss out on many of the trends and challenges, including popular music.  



How to Optimize Your TikTok Business Account


Whether you’re a brand thinking about how to use TikTok for business or you’re a TikTok influencer developing a social media marketing strategy, there are several ways you can optimize your TikTok Business account, such as: 

  • Your Logo or Profile Pic: Create an easily recognizable logo or a profile photo that communicates who you are or what you do.  
  • Your Bio: You can only use 80 characters, so you’ll need to whittle down who you are and what you do into something short and sweet—the shorter, the better. Include a branded hashtag. 
  • Your Link: Ensure you include a link in your Bio 
  • A CTA: A call to action can be as short as an emoji and encourages visitors to click on your link or perform an action. 
  • Start Creating TikTok Content: Figuring out TikTok’s algorithms is the key. Check out the Business Creator Center to get guides and tips on advertising on TikTok. 



If you want to utilize TikTok as a marketing channel but need support or guidance, you can partner with a fractional marketing agency like Giant Propeller to help optimize your social profile, identify your TikTok audience, and provide ongoing organic social strategy and expertise.


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How to Identify Your TikTok Target Audience


To find out who your audience is, you’ll need to think about what they are interested in and where you fit in with those interests. Use TikTok hashtags to find competitors in your niche, and include those hashtags in your content. With billions of users, the question isn’t whether your audience is on Tiktok; it’s how they can find you. Hashtags are the tools that allow them to search for you. 


6 Ways to Use TikTok for Your Business


TikTok offers many opportunities for businesses to grow. One of the most apparent TikTok marketing methods is TikTok ads. There are several types you can access through the TikTok ads manager, including: 

  • In-feed apps: These video ads can be up to one minute long but are often much shorter. These ads appear on the user’s For You Page.  
  • Spark ads: Users see these ads in their feeds, but businesses can link them to an account or a landing page. These ads don’t interrupt the scrolling experience. 
  • TopView ads: TopView ads pop up when a user opens the app. These ads are full-screen and are 60 seconds long. 


Influencer marketing is another technique that businesses use. Brands can partner with a content creator to boost brand awareness. 


Hashtag challenges aren’t just for regular users. Businesses can jump on a TikTok trend, or they can create their own branded hashtag challenge. 


Many businesses also create their own branded effect that a follower can use in their own content creation. Branded effects help increase brand awareness and engagement. 


Understanding trends and challenges is important, but so is creating original content. Many TikTok users respond favorably to content they feel is genuine and authentic. Overly polished videos may turn followers off. It’s also important to note that publishing cadence is key– posting quality organic content more often helps growth on TikTok. It’s best practice to use trending sounds and to focus on a niche within your industry for the highest possible engagement.



Finally, use your analytics and watch others in your niche to find the best days and times to post content. You can use a third-party app if you have a Business account to batch and schedule your content, so it hits the feeds at the optimal time. 


Lastly, if any of this seems intimidating, try partnering with an experienced team of TikTok marketers to help grow your organic presence on social media. Giant Propeller is a brand growth and digital marketing agency offering full-service marketing services. We provide customized solutions for your budget and business goals. Learn more about how Giant Propeller can elevate your organic social marketing efforts today. Propel your brand to new heights.