#WatchPorn | Your time has come Miguel Pujols June 3, 2020

#WatchPorn | Your time has come

Give purpose to years of dirty jokes and weird sexual terms?


We were granted that exact opportunity and put our NSFW education to the test.


Enter: Watch Porn.


Watches.com is home to an impressive library of unique watches, or as 1.8 million hashtags on Instagram refer to it, #WatchPorn. Watch lovers are passionate about their favorite strap-ons and love to show them off on social media, so when Watches.com asked us to create an eye-catching campaign, we went straight for the money shot.


“Caught You Looking” is an online ad campaign imagined by Creative Director Michael Saint-Aubin, Giant Propeller Co-Founder Jordan Freda, and Copywriter Shayna Marks.


Set to launch on November 20, 2016, the campaign features five of the hottest Watch Porn stars from Watches.com: Xeric’s “Halograph Automatic,” QLOCK2’s “W Time In Words,” Mr. Jones’ “Last Laugh,” EONE TIME’s “Bradley” and Devon’s “Tread A Time Belt.”


One question remains: will Google and other online ad networks be DTF with our ideas, or will we get clock blocked with a terms of service violation for inappropriate content?


Feast your eyes on the fine pieces starring in #WatchPorn: