We Dare You to Believe In a Better World Miguel Pujols June 13, 2020

We Dare You to Believe In a Better World

It’s easy to take this feat for granted in 2017, but the fact remains that Lindbergh did what others couldn’t. He reminded everyone that mankind is meant to leap over the impossible whenever the occasion calls for it and he changed aviation forever.


To commemorate this historic achievement the XPRIZE Foundation partnered with us to create a fun video that encapsulated the competitive spirit of what Lindbergh accomplished, as well as the progressive inspiration that prize competitions create.


This would have been a cool enough project for us as is, but we got even more excited when we were tasked with delivering a video that could pay homage to Monty Python’s surreal animated visual aesthetic. As we like to say around the Giant Propeller offices, “challenge accepted.”


To realize this whimsical flight through history, Giant Propeller co-founders Jordan Freda and Mike Bodkin called upon our prolific Creative Director, Rick Morris, to team up with our intrepid copywriter, Marco Mannone, to throw their brains at the wall and see what stuck. It turns out we don’t have enough walls, as there was no shortage of ideas between them. The only real challenge was to cram Rick and Marco’s unbridled imaginations into a video that came in under two minutes, and we think you’ll agree that the end result is pretty darn cool – not to mention a little educational to boot.


Quite frankly, we were all honored to partner up with such an esteemed foundation as XPRIZE. Like ourselves, they are in the business of accepting challenges, although the challenges they choose to accept are the kind that can elevate humanity and make the world a better place to live for everyone.


If you think that sounds a bit like hyperbole, just take into consideration some of the past and present XPRIZES, which include everything from developing an amazing new method for cleaning oceans after oil spills… to hand-held inventions for personal medical diagnostics… automated systems for protecting women against violence… and a device that can extract thousands of gallons of drinking water literally out of thin air.


These are just a FEW of the groundbreaking – and potentially history-changing – innovations that XPRIZE is working on, so it’s no exaggeration to say they are literally saving the world.


In this respect, Giant Propeller considers ourselves kindred spirits, if not exactly scientific global ambassadors. Like XPRIZE, we also consider ourselves to be an innovation engine that doesn’t know yet what we can’t do – and call us crazy, but we also believe in a better world. Our hope is that by teaming up with XPRIZE to help promote their foundation, we can spread this belief that the best is yet to come…


After all, as Charles Lindbergh proved nearly a century ago, when it comes to being totally awesome… the sky is truly the only limit there is.